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What They Seem has been selected for the Chesapeake Film Festival

The Chesapeake Film Festival will take place in October, 2019. More details will be released soon. We hope everyone can come out to be part of the fun!

Check out the trailer for What They Seem

The trailer for the latest Jouska Productions film, What They Seem, has been released. Check out the trailer on our home page! This controversial, entertaining film features powerful performances by Christian Gibbs, Vince Eisenson, and Muhammad Okedeyi.

FINDING SANDY in the North Beach American Film Festival

FINDING SANDY, a short film perhaps best described as a meaningful comedy, received its debut screening at the North Beach American Film Festival on June 23rd, 2018. This film was a joy to create, mostly due to the talents of its amazing cast. NICK DUCKWORTH gives off a kind of young Bill Murray vibe in his role as Jack Tripp. VINCE EISENSON's experience in both film and theatre is abundantly evident. His career has made it obvious that he can nail dramatic performances, but he's wonderful in this comedic role. JENNY DONOVAN SMITHSON is great in every project she takes on, but it's especially easy to admire her performance as SANDY.



More projects and plans, having to do with both the creative and business aspects of Jouska Productions will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Many Thanks to Cheryl Goodman and What's Hot magazine for their article about What They Seem