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Torn, John Becker's "StageFlick," receives a great review from DC Metro Theater Arts!

What They Seem article What's Hot magazi

Many Thanks to Cheryl Goodman and What's Hot magazine for their article about What They Seem

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The Playwright Zone, a new series, is now available for rental! More projects on the way!

The Jouska Productions film series, The Playwright Zone, has been released for rental. Check out the home page! The controversial first episode, Summit Meeting, began as a one-act play at the request of former Source Theatre literary manager Keith Parker. He chose ten DC area playwrights to create plays for a festival to be held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Summit Meeting was awarded 1st place by audience vote. 


More projects and plans, having to do with both the creative and business aspects of Jouska Productions will be announced soon. Stay tuned!